Thursday, December 02, 2010

The November 2010 Facts

These are summaries and links to all thirty November 2010 facts and posts. Thank you to everybody who commented with encouragement and/or corrections, particularly Reyna and Wendy.

1Jackie Robinson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

2 More than thirty thousand pancreas transplants have been performed in the United States.

3One unit of insulin is 1/22 mg of crystaline insulin.

4Sonia Sotomayer was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

5 Insulin secretion inversely affects glucagon secretion.

6 Symptoms of high and low blood sugar are inconsistent.

7 Type 1A diabetes is autoimmune.

8 Math skills affect diabetes control.

9Fibers are carbohydrates that cannot be turned into sugars.

10Vitiligo and other autoimmune disorders are more common in type 1 diabetics and their families.

11The therapeutic index of insulin is close to 1.

12 Insulin was the first genetically engineered byproduct to be sold.

13Finland has the highest incidence and prevalence of type 1 diabetes worldwide.

14Many diabetics do not have access to insulin due to geography and economics.

15 Insulin is secreted from the normal pancreas in pulsatile form.

16 The only insulin for sale anywhere is for injection only.

17In conjunction with other factors, diabetes causes heart, kidney, nerve, breast, eye and other diseases.

18A combination of genes and environmental factors affect the development of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

19Leonard Thompson was the first diabetic whose life was prolonged by insulin injections.

20Early detection of diabetes saves lives.

21 The human body has many tools for preventing and treating hypoglycemia.

22Monitoring the appropriateness of an insulin dose is done through blood sugar testing, not insulin testing.

23 Humans are not the only animal that develops diabetes.

24 Although diabetes typically shortens the lifespan of people who have it, some people have lived over 75 years with type 1 diabetes.

25 The highest blood sugar on record is 5600 mg/dl.

26Anne Rice was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

27 Autoimmune diabetes is not the only type 1 diabetes.

28Occasional babies are born with diabetes.

29Type 1 diabetics may or may not be on diets.

30Household medical waste does not count as potentially infectious medical waste under Illinois law.


Wendy said...

It was awesome to share NaBloPoMo with you :)

Keep up the great blog!

Reyna said...

I found the month of reading your facts fascinating Jonah. I liked that they weren't the "norm" shared. Does that make sense?

I also really appreciated your comment on my recent post about my feelings about "d" in Joe's life. Thanks for your incredible insight.

FeltFinland said...

Looking forward to the December facts already - a fascinating list!