Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My sensor is still in, and it's now in its twentieth day. It's been reasonably reliable; no ??? in the past day and only an hour or so of ??? at a time, twice on Monday and twice on Sunday.

Fact: More than thirty thousand pancreas transplants have been performed in the United States. Most were performed at the same time as a kidney transplant, some were performed after a kidney transplant, and a few hundred were done in diabetics whose kidneys had not failed.
Most pancreas transplants come from dead people; a few partial pancreas transplants have been done from relatives.

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Reyna said...

I used to take care of pancreas-kidney transplant patients post-op in the Surgical ICU. Interesting facts Jonah.

I am amazed that you can keep those sensors going for so long. Ever since we had the rogue probe that is lost in Joe's arm...I have been skeptical about leaving in Dexter for over 7-10 days.

Have a great day.