Tuesday, November 09, 2010

6 Attitudes I Wish People Had About Diabetes

Apparently today is diabetes blog day but I am blogging every day this month about diabetes anyways.
The question people seem to be answering is, what are the top six things you wish people knew about diabetes, but I think that there are not things I wish people knew so much as attitudes I wish people held.

1. All life and all experiences have value.

2. You can never assume somebody else's quality of life and especially not lack thereof.

3. Blame is of very little value.

4. No diabetes algorithms are perfect.

5. What you know about diabetes management in one person has only a little bit of bearing on diabetes management in another person.

6. And the last attitude I wish people had is, carbohydrate counting and labeling is the least I can do for my friends.

Fact: Fibers are carbohydrates that cannot be digested, nor the calories used. Soluble fiber delays digestion of other carbohydrates; eating fiber lowers post-mealtime blood sugar, which is a good thing if you are prone to post-prandial blood sugar spikes and a bad thing if you tend towards delayed gastric emptying.
Whether your diet should be higher or lower in fiber is a classic example of YDMV.


Wendy said...

AWESOME post! I didn't know you were doing NaBloPoMo...I'm adding you to my November blogroll now :)

Reyna said...

WOOT! Way to list it Jonah. Love your outlook on it and the title.

Oh and that darn fiber issue!!! I am still in awe at how differently we were all educated. UGH.