Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sabotaging Urges

After a really rotten blood sugar week filled with 30s and 300s and an average of 169, I had a day like this:

0010 hours 80
0820 hours 104
1020 hours 100
1220 hours 95
1550 hours 72
1720 hours 102
2040 hours 86
2205 hours 125

Can you believe that goodness? Nothing at all high, nothing low enough to be symptomatic. AND I had a huge breakfast with life cereal and potatos, and a lunch with potatoes and pie and supper with sandwiches... not a low carb day- I took 39 units of Novolog and 8 units of Lantus. And I ran around and played catch and stuff. And it was frickin' perfect.

By comparison, here was the 15th:

0005 hours 377
0205 hours 151
0745 hours 45
1125 hours 304
1325 hours 173
1609 hours 86
1730 hours 101
1805 hours 119
2115 hours 221
2330 hours 221

Now, it totally makes sense that on the 15th, I felt like it was partly my fault, and partly a very frustrating body, and that I really wanted to change what was going on. I mean, out of 10 readings, 4 were in my target range of 65-155. But what doesn't make sense to me is that I felt almost as out of control today because... where were those numbers coming from? 8 out of 8 numbers in range?!

When I have one, two, three target range numbers in a row, I feel pretty good. When I have five, six, seven, I start to feel surreal. I start getting an urge to prove that I really do have diabetes, to test the bounds of my body. ARGH! Take your blessings and run, Jonah!
Fortunately, I haven't done anything stupid yet today. I'm plenty wiped out from the week I've just had and I could really use a run of days like today... not that that's at all likely to happen.

One thing I've been figuring out is that my ISF seems to have gone up. It was 35 for a while, then 40. A couple months ago I changed it to 50, but the way I'm crashing after corrections, I'm going to try 60, assuming I go high anytime soon :-) More surprisingly, I think my BCR has also gone up, and that that's part of why I'm seeing so many highs- that it doesn't take as many carbs to do the job. My BCR has been around 4.5 for a long while, maybe as high as five, but it's seemed to me lately that it has gone up- maybe to around 7? I am perplexed. My ICR I changed from 7 to 8 a few months ago and seems to be holding steady.

EDIT: It is now 2330 hours and my blood sugar is 201 (I haven't eaten in at least five hours). I think I'll go with 1.5 units of Novolog.