Monday, September 08, 2014

5 Things Make a Post P.S no, 6 things PPS no, 7 things

1. On Saturday I was sitting on the couch reading and fiddling with my pump and I noticed the sticker on the end had fallen off. Being that it was Shabbes, I didn't think about it too much. Sunday morning, I called and asked if they could send me a new sticker- it's cushiony and I assume it helps the pump to not get broken if it I fiddle with it. The lady on the phone put me on hold to check, and came back and said she couldn't send me a sticker, but since it is an important sticker, they were going to replace the pump. Pump the 4th is dead, long live pump the fifth!
They are out of purple, so pump #5 is clear.
For anybody keeping track, pump #1 was replaced due to repeated motor errors (after six weeks), pump #2 was replaced due to a software error (after three weeks), pump #3 was replaced due to repeated motor errors (after four weeks), pump #4 was replaced due to a sticker falling off (after six months).

2.  While making beds, I've been subjected to a lot more TV than I would otherwise watch, including ads for invokana. I keep meaning to write a letter to the FDA on why it should not have approved invokana, or failing that, a rant here. If not sooner, expect a rant in November.

3.  I stopped taking the ibuprofen after a while because it made me vomit too much. My feet are both still swollen and my wrists are too, but they're not hurting much. I'm still afraid to walk long distances.

4. I have decided that, God Willing, this upcoming (Jewish) year is the one in which I become a foster dad. Towards that end, I'm hoping to move in November, spend a couple weeks furnishing the apartment etc, get a physical, get a homestudy, take the licensure classes and be licensed around February.  We'll see.

5. My brother is getting married next week!!!

6. I passed my eight year mark on insulin. My memory remains impaired compared to Before, and I no longer have any vivid memories of anything relating to my diagnosis. So it's much less emotional. This will be the year I get my own insurance (I became eligible at work a few months ago but still have a couple months until I have to get off of my dad's).

7. My computer broke. That's a big part of why I haven't been online much lately. I am typing this at the library.