Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The podiatrist says

that I have tendinitis in two tendons in my right foot and one tendon on the left. She put the right foot in a soft cast and recommended staying off my feet as much as possible and 600 mg ibuprofen three times a day for three weeks.

She also says this kind of tendinitis is much more common in rheumatoid arthritis.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Last Sunday my right foot felt cramped, like I needed to pop every knuckle in the foot. I stretched a bit and didn't think more of it.
On Monday it was a little achy but I walked to and from work anyways.
On Tuesday, I decided to wear a different pair of shoes in case that was the problem. I left the house intending to walk to work, but the pain stopped me before I reached the end of my block.
 I took the bus to work, tried not to limp at work, took the bus home. At home I took  my socks and off and.... gee willikers wonka my right foot had an egg size swelling!

So I called my endo. He recommended taking 400 mg ibuprofen every six hours and to let him know if I got a fever or it got worse. I got children's ibuprofen and took it 400 mg every six hours and nothing changed except that my left foot swoll up too. I limped through Wednesday and Thursday, and on Friday afternoon I went to see him. He gave me a podiatric referral.  The endo said he doesn't know what the swelling on my foot  is; it doesn't look familiar but it doesn't look infected either.

And by the way...
- Children's ibuprofen has high fructose corn syrup. Don't know how much, but I'm guessing about 10 grams in a 400 mg dosage, because of how much it raises my bg.