Monday, March 31, 2014

Not Much Management Monday March 31st

Rose overnight from about 0130 hours, when my bg was about 120, until about 0400 hours, when sg was 210.
When I got up at 630, sg was 211 and bg was 246. 

Had 2.4 u correction at the time; went to synagogue, sg had dropped to 190 at the end of services near 0800 when I bolused 10 units. Ate 20 g of crackers and I think 48 g of oatmeal (uncertain regarding the oatmeal because my father cooked it with raisins).  SG was down to 130 at 0900, rose a little bit and dropped; at lunchtime was 90 and looking stable. Took only 0.5 units for a snack of two rice cakes.  SG shot up to 155 by 1400 hours, and then drifted up a little so when I left work SG and BG were both 175. Took 1.1 units and walked home (2 1/4 miles). SG stayed steady the whole walk home but took a nose dive as soon as I got home. Bolused 8.5 units and ate supper without carb counting; it was split pea soup and noodles and I ate four bowls. SG dropped to 95, then came up to 140, and is now drifting very slowly downward. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Today's blood sugar has been rotten and I don't want to post it. I was over 300 a couple times. I had 140 grams of carbohydrate for breakfast, took 17 units, and apparently should have taken 21 units. Correcting the resulting high resulted in lows. I don't know how much I ate for the lows, but I rebounded badly.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday Management March 17

At 0000, SG read 75.
I was asleep. The pump had suspended itself an hour earlier due to its belief that I was low.

At 0100 SG read 143, and turned the basal on at a rate of 0.6 u/hr. I slept on.

At 0200 SG read 201. I slept.

At 0300 SG read 236. I slept.

At 0400 SG read 248. I woke up briefly, bolused 1.5 units, and went back to sleep.

At 0500 SG read 236. I slept.

At 0600 SG read 207. I woke up a little later, thought it was dropping, left it alone, went to the synagogue. At 630, basal dropped to 0.3 u/hr.

At 0700 SG read 206. At 7:17, I decided it wasn't dropping enough and bolused 1 unit.

At 0800 SG read 187. I calibrated and bg on the meter was 147. Bolused 10 units at 820. At breakfast at 845. Breakfast was cereal with soymilk (24 grams carb for the cereal, 2 for the soymilk), a hamentash (about 25 grams), three large jellybeans (9 grams), 1/4 cup trail mix (10 grams), and some lettuce and hummus (1 gram?). Total of about 70 grams carbohydrates.

At 0900 SG read 115. At 9:35, I decided to change the basal to 0.15 u/hr.

At 1000 SG read 90.

At 1100 SG read 61. I suspended the pump (briefly), and at 1120, I ate lunch, which was tangerines (19 carbs) and bissli (21grams). I unsuspended the pump (so it resumed basal at 0.3 u/hr), but did not bolus for the 40 grams of carbs.

At 1200 SG read 98.

At 1300 SG read 138

At 1400 SG read 154. At 1430, basal increased to 0.425 u/hr.

At 1500 SG read 168.

At 1600 SG read 162.

At 1700 SG read 152. At 1720, bg on the meter was 175. Bolused 10 units at 1735 (I wanted to wait for the calibration to take). I also changed sets so I may have missed a fortieth of a unit in there.

At 1800 SG read 155. I ate supper, which was barley (just over a cup, so 40 grams) and eggplant tomato and tempe, about 10 grams of that.  Desert was an apricot and some raisins (about 15 grams).

At 1900 SG read 88.

At 2000 SG read 105. Bolused 1.7 units at 2018, and ate a packet of bissli (21 grams). Basal increased to 0.6 u/hr.

At 2100 SG read 99. Bolused 1.6 units. Ate another packet of bissli (21 grams).

At 2200 SG read 125. At 2220, with SG reading 137, bg read 185. Bolused 0.5 units, went to bed.

At 2300 SG read 186.

At the very end of the day, SG read 169

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monday Management, March 10

I went to bed Sunday night at 11 PM with a blood sugar around 204 and I bolused 1 unit correction.

At midnight my SG was reading 161. Basal was at 0.7 u/hr.
At 100 hours my SG was reading 145.
At 200 hours my SG was reading 132
At 300 hours SG was 137
At 400 hours SG was 177. Basal increased to 0.8 u/hr.
At 500 hours SG was 229
At 600 hours SG was 258. I woke up at 6:10 and bolused 4 units of correction. Felt lousy. At 6:35, tested bg - it was 246.
At 700 hours SG was 247.
At 7:15 I bolused another 2 units.
At 800 hours, SG was 258. Checked bg- 259. Changed sets. Bolused 10.3 units. Realized later I forgot to prime set so probably 2 units of that was in the priming. Basal dropped to 0.2 u/hr
At 900 hours, SG was 222. Ate ~35 grams carb.
At 1000 hours, SG was 222 again.
At 1100 hours SG was 154 dropping rapidly and I was feeling a little woozy. Between 1100 and 1200, I had two lemon head friend gummies, at 10 grams of sugar each.
At 1200 hours SG was 111. At 1230, I had one packet of instant oatmeal (28 g carbs) and bolused 0.8 units.
At 1300 hours SG was 170.
At 1400 hours SG was 132. Realizing that bg was dropping and basal was about to increase, I set a temp basal in order to keep the basal at 0.2 u/hr.
At 1500 hours, SG was 93.
At 1600 hours, SG was 59, and I had another lemon head friends gummy - 10 grams sugar- and started walking home. At 1630, basal increased to 0.425 u/hr
At 1700 hours, SG was 79. At 1715, with SG 87, bg was 111.
At 1800 hours, SG was 93. Bolused 10 units for supper, and ate supper immediately. I had one bowl of brown rice, two bowls of split pea soup, and one bowl of zucchini.
At 1900 hours, SG was 180.
At 2000 hours, SG was 181. Basal increased to 0.6 u/hr.
At 2100 hours, SG was 153.
At 2200 hours, SG was 133. BG was 134. I bolused 0.1 u at 22:50
At 2300 hours SG was 150
And I finished the day with an SG of 123.

4 units at 6:11 and 2 units at 7:15 and 10.3 unis at 8:05

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Just Call Me Pump Killer

Last week I called to re-order supplies, they told me insurance said I couldn't reorder til March 2, and that on March 2 it would be shipped overnight. It's March 6 and I hadn't heard anything or received anything so I called back. Turns out insurance hadn't approved the reservoirs for shipping until APRIL. Of course, now I'm out of sure Ts and am gonna have to use some of the quick sets. My new sure Ts and sensors will be here Monday or Tuesday.

Then I tried to bolus for lunch... motor error. They're replacing this pump.
Pump #1 was replaced due to repeated motor errors.
Pump #2 was replaced due to a software error (although I called because I had a no delivery error fairly soon afterwards).
Pump #3 is being replaced due to repeated motor errors.

I have been pumping now for 88 days. That means my average pump has lasted just 27 days. My first one is the one that made it over a month. This one has lasted three weeks.