Thursday, March 06, 2014

Just Call Me Pump Killer

Last week I called to re-order supplies, they told me insurance said I couldn't reorder til March 2, and that on March 2 it would be shipped overnight. It's March 6 and I hadn't heard anything or received anything so I called back. Turns out insurance hadn't approved the reservoirs for shipping until APRIL. Of course, now I'm out of sure Ts and am gonna have to use some of the quick sets. My new sure Ts and sensors will be here Monday or Tuesday.

Then I tried to bolus for lunch... motor error. They're replacing this pump.
Pump #1 was replaced due to repeated motor errors.
Pump #2 was replaced due to a software error (although I called because I had a no delivery error fairly soon afterwards).
Pump #3 is being replaced due to repeated motor errors.

I have been pumping now for 88 days. That means my average pump has lasted just 27 days. My first one is the one that made it over a month. This one has lasted three weeks.

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