Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday's Diabetes February 24th

Last few hours of Sunday had 0.4 u/hr basal.

Bolused 3 unit correction at 2233 hours, another unit at 2322 hours.

At midnight the CGM read 265 and I bolused another half unit (which was a BAD IDEA). The basal rate went up to 0.7 u/hr.
At half past midnight I checked blood sugar getting ready to go to bed. CGM read 244 with a down arrow; meter read 151.I eat one and a half large graham crackers in an effort to counteract the IOB.

At 100 hrs, I was lying in bed not yet sleeping; CGM read 145.

At 200 hours, CGM read 115, I slept on.

At 300 hours, CGM read 110, I slept on.

At 400 hours, CGM read 138 and I slept on.

At 500 hours, CGM read 146 and I slept on.

At 600 hours, CGM read 107 and I got up. At 630, CGM read 139 and my meter read 143. Calibrated.

At 700 hours, CGM read 140. I was in the synagogue. At 728 my predicted high alarm went off and the CGM read 153.  I bolused 1 unit.

At 800 hours, CGM read 155.  I tried to bolus 9 units for breakfast. The pump claims to have delivered 8.95 units; it followed that with a MOTOR ERROR. I changed out the set. It probably took me 15 minutes before basal resumed at the lower, 8 am rate of 0.2 u/hr.
For breakfast, I first ate one cup of toasted oats with 3/4 cups soymilk. I felt nauseas, but didnt' throw up so about fifteen minutes later I ate one cup of frosted flakes with 3/4 cups soymilk. I didn't feel up to eating anything more.

At 900 hours CGM read 103. I missed the bus and walked to work (2 miles).

At 1000 hours CGM read 95

At 1100 hours CGM read 79. At 11:18 the Threshhold Suspend alarm went off and I told the pump to go ahead and suspend itself.
At 11:30 I ate about 20 grams of carbohydrate worth of white bread.

At 1200 hours CGM read 43.
At 1230 the CGM read 74 with an up arrow, and I restarted the basal for the pump.

At 1300 hours CGM read 94.

At 1400 hours CGm read  106   . Basal rose to 0.4 u/hr

At 1500 hours CGM read 123

At 1600 hours CGM read 125

At 1700 hours CGM read 148 and I bolused 10.5 units for supper. I ate 1 cup of beans, 1 cup of sticky rice (brown), 3 slices of bread, and some tempeh.  Also about a quarter cup of squash.

At 1800 hours CGM read 150 but I thought about how much I'd eaten and I bolused another 3 units. At 1853, my meter read 263.

At 1900 hours CGM read "WARM UP"

At 2000 hours, CGM read 255. At 2022 I bolused another 3 units.

At 2100 hours, CGM read 273.

At 2200 hrs, CGM read 199. At 2250, raised basal to 0.6 u/hr. At 2255, my meter read 82.

At 2300 hrs, CGM read 151. I ate half a bowl of frosted flakes.

The day ended with CGM reading 121

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