Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday's Diabetes February 17th

I've decided to log the hell out of Mondays for the next long while. Note: I don't count fiber in my carb counts.

So here is Monday, February 17th.

The last few hours of Sunday, I had had 0.4 u/hr as basal, had bolused 1 unit at 2032 hours, another 1 unit at 2137 hours, and 5.5 units at 2227 hours. I had eaten something.

At midnight starting Monday my CGM read 69. My basal switched to 0.65 u/hr.
At 0020 hours, I ate a fig bar (15 grams of carb) because I thought I was low.

At 0100 hours, the CGM read 101. I was thinking about bed, but feeling kind of low. At 0110, the CGM read 99, but my blood sugar on the meter was 232. I decided to leave it alone due to IOB. I went to sleep.

At 0200 hours, the CGM read 144. I slept on.

At 0300 hours, the CGM read 116. I slept on.

At 0400 hours, the CGM read 163. I slept on.

At 0500 hours, the CGM read 194. I slept on.

At 0600 hours, the CGM read 194. I slept on.

At 0700 hours, the CGM read 228. I slept on.

At 0800 hours, the CGM read 251. At 0830, because of the CGM, I took a 4 unit bolus. At 0835, I checked my blood sugar on the meter. The meter read 300 (accompanied by a thermometer because it is under 50 degrees Fahrenheit in my room and the meter doesn't think it should be trusted at that temperature). I bolused another 2 units.
My basal went down to 0.4 units/hr.

At 0900 hours, the CGM read 246.  I drank half a cup of soymilk at 0930(1 gram carbohydrate), plus some water, and left for work.

At 1000 hours, the CGM read 209. I lowered the basal to 0.2 u/hr.

At 1100 hours, the CGM read 123 and I was thinking about lunch.

At 1200 hours, the CGM read 62. About 1210, I ate an applesauce pouch (13 grams carbohydrate) and at 1235 I had a packet of maple syrup instant oatmeal (29 grams carbohydrate). At 1240 I bolused 1 unit (yes, a post bolus!)

At 1300 hours the CGM read 107.

At 1400 hours the CGM read 150. Basal went up to 0.4 u/hr.

At 1500 hours the CGM read 141.

At 1600 hours the CGM read 109, and I was wrapping up at work.

At 1700 hours, the CGM read 74 and I was walking home, so I had another applesauce pouch (13 grams). At 1725 when I got home, the CGM read 69 and my meter read 84.

At 1800 hours the CGM read 74.

At 1900 hours the CGM read  105. At 1905 hours, I bolused 13 units.
I ate two cups of cooked beans - two cups includes some water and also some carrot and onion cooked in, so probably around 50 grams (this is where the fiber really matters- it would be 80-90 grams if I included fiber).
After about 45 minutes, I ate three slices of my father's whole wheat bread, weighing 140 grams which comes to about 63 grams of carbohydrate.
I ate it with 2 cups of my mother's stewed tomatoes. 22 grams carbohydrate, and 14 olives (they were not salted, and probably add 1 gram of non-fiber carbohydrate).
Total meal: 136 grams carbohydrate.

At 2000 hours the CGM read 82.
At 2045 hours I ate 6 cups of popcorn (30 grams) and about a tablespoon of Brewer's Yeast (7 grams). I bolused 3.5 towards the end of the hour.

At 2100 hours the CGM read 152.

At 2200 hours the CGM read 159.

At 2300 hours the CGM read 163. However, the meter read 132 at 2315 hours.

Monday closed with the CGM reading 159 (with an up arrow, but I don't think it means it).

Well, my supper ratio of 1:10 seems to work pretty darn well. I probably should have bolused a teensy weensy bit more.
I'm not sure if my overnight basal is okay or what. What with that extremely discordant CGM/meter pair around 1 am, it's hard to know if I really rose all night or if the CGM just caught up to the meter. Probably need more basal.

Paying attention today taught me that I forgot to reset the DIA for this new pump. It was set at 6 hours and so it was making my IOB bigger than it should have been (my real DIA is probably around 4 hours). Also, I'm not prebolusing like I thought I was.

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