Friday, July 24, 2009

I got sent the glucagon I've been waiting for, finally- but I got sent three glucagon kits instead of the one I was supposed to get. Since I was billed the same as if I was sent one (insurance paid the full price for the other two) and since they say nonreturnable on them, I think I will just let it be. Store them in different places and I'll have plenty!

My blood sugar's been pretty bouncy but still not bad at all. It turned out the Lantus had not gone bad. I wish my body was more consistant. I'm having a problem getting the Lantus dose right. It seems like I wake up either high or low most of the time- I woke up 203 and dehydrated this morning and 48 and psychotic the previous morning and I had not dropped the dose much at all. And no, it isn't Symogii.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 for 12

Mike Lawson posts 12 pictures on the 12th of each month and I always think that's really cool.I was planning to do the same but am having trouble uploading pictures. So here are a mere two pictuers instead.
I got three different package styles for the same needle within a year. Here're the boxes.Oh, and notice, my stylin' meter with the awesome average.

Here are the sides of those same three boxes.

Friday, July 03, 2009

All Better Now, And Hoping It Stays That Way

Thyroid level tests all came in normal range, with the TSH, T3, T4 all being just above the bottom of normal. My endo says to call him if I get symptomatic of hypothyroidism, because he thinks that might be where I'm headed to.
The erythrocyte sedimentation rate came in at 3, which is low- not a symptom of inflammation, though it doesn't rule out the possibility. The lowness of it may be a continuing symptom of the polycythemia I had, I don't know.
The c reactive protein was too low to measure, also a sign that there wasn't inflammation.

My diabetes numbers continue to be nice and low, but my Novolog needs are falling dramatically again and I'm had a bad hypo on Wednesday like nobody's business. Ahhh- I'll take that over the highs. If this keeps up for another two months, I bet I'll see an A1c in the lower 6s or even (dare I hope?) upper 5s. My 7 day average is now 120! The 14 day is 138, and the 30 day is 150. I haven't seen a 7 day average of 120 since last fall. Heck, I haven't seen a 138 average since winter. I'm holding my breath, hoping this lasts.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I saw the endo on Friday. He drew blood for thyroid hormone levels and erythrocyte sedimentation rate. He asked me if I'd like my A1c drawn and I said no. I hadn't been decided, but when I looked at the needle and the vial, I just didn't want the blood drawn when I knew it would have been an awful A1c. My 30 day average at that point was close to 170. Starting last week on Sunday, I've been running excellent blood sugars. My 7 day average is 123, my 14 day is 145, and my 30 day is 151. I'm loving it. The doctor said that my results would be in on Monday but hasn't gotten back to me. I don't like this pattern at all.

I'm at a sort of a camp for autistic people right now. My roommate's been curious about blood sugar and I've tested him three times, which I suppose affects my average, except his three tests were 145, 134, and 104, which I think averages to higher than my 7 day average anyhow. He's not diabetic. He says if he was, he wouldn't take shots, just could not do it, but he seems fascinated by the needles. I dunno what to make of that.