Friday, July 03, 2009

All Better Now, And Hoping It Stays That Way

Thyroid level tests all came in normal range, with the TSH, T3, T4 all being just above the bottom of normal. My endo says to call him if I get symptomatic of hypothyroidism, because he thinks that might be where I'm headed to.
The erythrocyte sedimentation rate came in at 3, which is low- not a symptom of inflammation, though it doesn't rule out the possibility. The lowness of it may be a continuing symptom of the polycythemia I had, I don't know.
The c reactive protein was too low to measure, also a sign that there wasn't inflammation.

My diabetes numbers continue to be nice and low, but my Novolog needs are falling dramatically again and I'm had a bad hypo on Wednesday like nobody's business. Ahhh- I'll take that over the highs. If this keeps up for another two months, I bet I'll see an A1c in the lower 6s or even (dare I hope?) upper 5s. My 7 day average is now 120! The 14 day is 138, and the 30 day is 150. I haven't seen a 7 day average of 120 since last fall. Heck, I haven't seen a 138 average since winter. I'm holding my breath, hoping this lasts.

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Jim, Guacamole Diet said...

You said:
"My 7 day average is now 120! The 14 day is 138, and the 30 day is 150. "

Wow! Those recent numbers are great. Keep doing what you're doing.