Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In my February visit with the endo, I gave a urine sample for microalbuminuria testing, and asked not to be told the results. I'm really glad I asked that. Because at yesterday's visit, I learned that February's test had been macroalbuminuric. Fortunately, yesterday's urine sample was totally normal, and I didn't have that much time to freak out.

My blood sugar's been an unholy mess lately and my 7 day average at one point was something like 179, which is the highest it had been in three and a half years. But my A1c didn't budge from February, at 7.0%.
My meter had read 145 right before the blood draw; the lab said 138. Good enough.

My vitamin D level skyrocketed above the normal range and I'm supposed to stop taking the vitamin D supplements and come back in another month.

I haven't gained any weight over the last few months, but I haven't lost any either, so that's okay. My appetite is not very good, but I guess there are worse things. My pain levels are way down; I haven't been woken by pain in forever (though I have been woken by hypos and am wondering if nocturnal hypoglycemia could've caused the lower A1c), I haven't had to stop working because of pain... I have no cause for complaint. I do have soreness and tenderness in my abdomen, particularly over my pancreas, and I have a persistent pain in my lower back on the left side. I'm also having squeezing headaches. But I haven't fallen. I took my pulse for a full minute each time about twenty five times over the course of a week and found that my pulse was anywhere from 48 to 81, but usually 55-65. At bedtime it was in the 50s but in the daytime it tended to be in the 60s, and when I was waiting in my therapist's office, it was 81.

So, I think I was even sicker than I realized before the gallstones were removed, and I am on the mend.

Oh, and I did send in paperwork for a CGMS but Dexcom lost it and then I couldn't find the forms I'd filled out (and had my endo fill out) so I decided to just not worry about it for now.