Monday, March 31, 2014

Not Much Management Monday March 31st

Rose overnight from about 0130 hours, when my bg was about 120, until about 0400 hours, when sg was 210.
When I got up at 630, sg was 211 and bg was 246. 

Had 2.4 u correction at the time; went to synagogue, sg had dropped to 190 at the end of services near 0800 when I bolused 10 units. Ate 20 g of crackers and I think 48 g of oatmeal (uncertain regarding the oatmeal because my father cooked it with raisins).  SG was down to 130 at 0900, rose a little bit and dropped; at lunchtime was 90 and looking stable. Took only 0.5 units for a snack of two rice cakes.  SG shot up to 155 by 1400 hours, and then drifted up a little so when I left work SG and BG were both 175. Took 1.1 units and walked home (2 1/4 miles). SG stayed steady the whole walk home but took a nose dive as soon as I got home. Bolused 8.5 units and ate supper without carb counting; it was split pea soup and noodles and I ate four bowls. SG dropped to 95, then came up to 140, and is now drifting very slowly downward. 

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