Friday, November 19, 2010

Leonard Thompson.

I restarted the second belly sensor for a third week. It is not giving any ???s but the accuracy leaves something to be desired; unfortunately I rely on my mother to help with sensor changes and she hasn't been available so I guess I'll keep wearing the sensor. It is doing okay. I placed it as high as I could that was still below the ribs (which is to say, about level with my belly button) on the advice of another diabetic who says she gets better results there.

Facts: Leonard Thompson was the first diabetic to benefit from insulin. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 12; he first received insulin at the age of 14 (at which point he was in severe DKA in a hospital in Toronto), and he lived to the age of 27. Leonard Thompson had nasty skin reactions after shots. I have read that he died of pneumonia, diabetes complications, and impurities in insulin. I'm not sure which of these stories to believe.
I have found an article with the medical records of Leonard Thompson's death but I don't have a subscription. I will try later to see if I have an account somewhere (library, former school) that lets me access the article. Here it is:
The first 100 words are an introduction to Leonard Thompson's hospital admission at age 27 in ketoacidosis.

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Reyna said...

Cool and sad all at once.