Wednesday, December 08, 2010


My internet access at home is off and will hopefully be back by tomorrow night. The company said it would be installed Monday. BOO!

My endo spent about forty five minutes talking to me. I love that guy.
I weighed 99 lb with my various stuff on. Not good, not terrible. My endo asked me about my poop and said it sounds like fat malabsorption but that the testing for it is icky enough, and my weight is big enough, that we aren't going to do it yet.
He drew blood for an A1c, vit D, and metabolic profile, and took a urine sample for microalbumin. I thought I'd have the results by now, but I don't.

He gave me some samples of 4mm, 32G needles, when I asked for a prescription. He said he was given them but didn't even realize that they were special short ones. He said if I like these, he'd be happy to send in a prescription for them. So far... it does feel different injecting with them, but I almost feel like I'm missing a step because of the needle not going as deep. I think I like them but I'm not sure yet.

He also gave me a sample One Touch Delica, just because it was there. I haven't used it yet. I like my Multiclix a lot, but I'll try the Delica and see.

I uploaded my Dexcom data. In a month by month comparison, September had a 136 average with a 46 standard deviation, in range 64%, October had a 130 average with a 47 standard deviation in range 70%, and November had a 137 average with a 70 standard deviation in range only 55%. I was hypo 4% of the time in October and September, but 10% of the time in November.
Ugh November!


Wendy said...


It might actually be a nice reprieve :)

Congrats on the awesome averages, minus the lows of course!

Have you been tested for celiac? Just curious.

Reyna said...

Your averages ROCK...but darn those November LOWS Jonah.

Good luck with the Delica and the new needles. We love the Delica...but I must admit, I haven't had Joe try the Muliclix.