Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm still sick but right now it seems more like normal people sick, just complicated by me having my issues. It bothers me a bit that my white blood cell count wasn't elevated- maybe it ought to be, if I'm having lots of vomit and diarrhea?- but that doesn't really seem like a major concern to me.
My oldest brother is on his way home from college- like he's on the bus which is currently a little over three miles away (I'm tracking it on and so I'll probably have another interview for you soon.
I'm applying for a homeshare program, in which I'd be matched with an elderly person who wants to age in place and needs a little help around the house, which I'd provide in return for reduced rent (the coordinator of the program said I'd be paying three to five hundred per month, and living in one of the more desirable neighborhoods of Chicago). I'm hoping this would be a good transition to living on my own. Of course, I need to talk to insurance and see if I can stay on my parents' insurance if I do this.

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Reyna said...

I cannot wait to "hear" from your other brother...hopefully he will be a little more "chatty" than "BED". LOL.

Cool on the possible new job/living situation. I would not have even thought of the insurance Jonah...but you are right. Are you going to school? I think if you aren't and you move out and you are over 21? you could be in trouble on that one. Not sure though.

Have fun with your family!