Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diabetes Conversations Bingo Card

I was reading another post about a family member who doggedly refused to believe that type 1 diabetes could not be cured by any means without major side effects. Now, I don't have any family members like that myself. My mother does have a schizophrenic friend who in one of her not so good moods starting yelling at me for not drinking mango juice because then I wouldn't have diabetes. But having a person who everybody accepts is crazy tell you something rude is really different socially from having somebody you accept to support you be unsupportive.

Anyways, you can copy paste and fill in if you really want to, otherwise just imagine it and chuckle. I'm using second person pronouns but if you are a parent or spouse you can change them in your head or on your computer.

Some of these are not bad questions really, especially the ones children ask, but they still get annoying.

Oh! For those unfamiliar with the rules, here's how it goes. You get a bingo card with this stuff, and then you carry it around, say at the family holiday party or even at the hospital, and you fill in a square each time somebody says this to you.

And I don't know why blogger sticks in a bunch of empty lines between my text and tables.

Is it the bad kind?I could never do that!At least it's not...You can't eat... At least it's controllable.
So, which of your parents has it?I heard about a cure in... So what's the prognosis?Will it go away?You must have some sweet tooth!
How bad is it?My grandma has that!FREE SPACEMy ____ died from it, but they didn't take care of themselvesYou must have lost a lot of weight!
That's not so bad.Does it hurt?I'm glad I don't have it.Is it catching?Was it from vaccines?
Were you born with it?Eww! That's disgusting!God gives trials to strong people.There's no diabetes in MY familyCan you die from it?


FeltFinland said...

I like it! Is there as prize for a full house!!

Wendy said...


We have a winner :)

BTW, can you eat that?

Reyna said...

C-L-E-V-E-R Jonah! One that really hit me hard was when my dad was in hospice care dying...his friend was talking about my Dad's Type 2 diabetes (he didn't realize I had a 3 year old type 1 back home that I cared for around the clock)...and he said "I would rather die than poke myself and do shots and stuff". I couldn't respond. Joe's diagnosis was only two months prior and my freakin' dad was dying. I felt it was perhaps the most insensitive thing to say to me...although the guy had no idea about Joe...still, it hit me hard.

Great post friend.