Monday, December 27, 2010

Pop Quiz- Diabetes Trivia

If you were reading this closely in November, you should know all the answers! Some questions have multiple answers:

1. Which of the following types of insulin is no longer for sale in the United States?
a: Human Insulin
b: Pork Insulin
c: Trout Insulin
d: Beef Insulin
e: E Coli Insulin

2.Which of the following forms of insulin is no longer for sale in the United States?
a: Eye drops
b: Pills
c: Liquid for drinking
d: Liquid for injection
e: Inhalable

3.Insulin is produced by the normal human pancreas in what frequency:
a: After eating
b: Before and after eating
c: all the time, continuously
d: in pulses every three to six minutes
e: when the owner of the pancreas exercises
4. Which of the following baseball greats had type 1 diabetes?
a: Ron Santo
b: Mickey Mantle
c: Jackie Robinson
d: Lou Gherig
e: Babe Ruth

5. Normal blood sugar for human beings is about 65 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl. What is the highest recorded blood sugar in a living human?
a: 560,000 mg/dl
b: 56, 000 mg/dl
c: 5, 600 mg/dl
d: 560 mg/dl
e: 56 mg/dl

6. Which of the following are treatments for hypoglycemia?
a: epipen
b: insulin
c: candy
d: IV Dextrose
e: glucagon

7. The pancreas produces:
a: insulin
b: glucagon
c: amylase
d: lipase
e: bilirubin

8. Which of the following are risk factors for type 1 diabetes?
a: male sex
b: female sex
c: less than 40 years old
d: breastfed
e: family history

9. More than half of people with diabetes die from....
a: complications of high blood sugar
b: complications of low blood sugar
c: heart disease
d: kidney disease
e: non-diabetes related causes

10. Which of these conditions are more common in people with type 1 diabetes?
a: celiac
b: Hashimoto's
c: Down Syndrome
d: breast cancer
e: early onset dementia

11. A pancreas transplant is one of the few ways a type 1 diabetic can go off insulin. Most are performed:
a: at the same time as a liver transplant
b: at the same time as a kidney transplant
c: after a liver transplant
d: after a kidney transplant
e: without another transplant

12. One unit of insulin refers to:
a: the amount necessary to lower a 180 lb man's blood sugar by 50 mg/dl
b: the amount necessary to lower an average rabbit's blood sugar by 50 mg/dl
c: 1/100th of an mL
d: 1/22nd of an mg of pure crystalline insulin
e: 1/52nd of an mg of pure crystalline insulin

13. Which of the following supreme court justices has type 1 diabetes?
a: Samuel Alito
b: Elena Kagan
c: Sonia Sotomayor
d: Antonin Scalia
e: Clarence Thomas

14. Insulin...
a: moves sugar out of the blood and into muscles
b: moves sugar out of the liver and into the blood
c: signals the alpha cells to make glucagon
d: signals the alpha cells to stop making glucagon
e: is a hormone

15. How many types of type 1 diabetes are there?
a: two types- brittle and controlled
b: two types - 1A and 1B.
c: trick question- there is only one type 1 diabetes
d: six types, one for each diabetes antibody
e: come on man, what's a type of diabetes?

16. If you have good diabetes numeracy skills, that means you can:
a: count carbs
b: read a nutrition label
c: read the insert that comes with your insulin
d: calculate a correction dose
e: convert mg/dl to mmmol/L

17. Fiber is...
a: a type of carbohydrate that cannot be digested
b: a type of carbohydrate that digests more slowly
c: all carbohydrates that do not turn into sugar
d: a protein that sometimes turns into a carbohydrate
e: good for all diabetics

18. How good is worldwide access to diabetes supplies?
a: the majority of diabetics do not have access to a regular supply of insulin and syringes
b: almost all diabetics have access to insulin and syringes, but more than a million don't have test strips
c: almost all diabetics have access to insulin, syringes, and test strips, but over a million cannot use CGMs
d: almost all diabetics have access to insulin, syringes, test strips, but over a million cannot pump
e: almost all diabetics have access to insulin, syringes, and test strips, but over a million have no access to an endocrinologist

19. Which type of diabetes has a genetic basis?
a: type 1A diabetes
b: type 1B diabetes
c: LADA diabetes
d: MODY diabetes
e: type 2 diabetes

20. Which of the following cannot get diabetes?
a: Horses
b: Dogs
c: Cats
d: Parakeets
e: Computers

21. Can people with diagnosed with type 1 diabetes ever stop taking insulin?
a: No, never.
b: Yes, if they get a pancreas transplant
c: Yes, if they get an islet cell transplant
d: Yes, if they get a liver transplant
e: Yes, if they were misdiagnosed

22. Which of the following authors has type 1 diabetes?
a: Daniel Pinkwater, author of the Werewolf Club series, among others
b: Anne Rice, author of various vampire novels
c: Terry Pratchett, author of the disc world series
d: Piers Anthony, author of the Xanth series
e: Stephen King, horror writer

23. Which of these diseases can cause diabetes?
a: Lou Gherig's Disease
b: Muscular dystrophy
c: Cystic fibrosis
d: Tourette's
e: Turner Syndrome

24. Type 1 AKA juvenile diabetes is commonly developed...
a: at birth. People are born with type 1 diabetes
b: soon after birth. It's genetic.
c: in childhood, by the age of 18.
d: in young adulthood, between ages 18 and 35.
e: after the age of 65

25. What kind of diet are diabetics on?
a: They can eat anything.
b: They can eat anything but poison. And cookies... made with poison.
c: Low carbohydrate.
d: Low fat.
e: Low fiber.

Answers in comments.


Jonah said...

1a is false, still for sale
1b is true, only available overseas
1c is false, never for sale
1d is true, only available overseas
1e is false, never for sale

2a is false, never for sale
2b is false, never for sale
2c is false, never for sale
2d is false, currently for sale
2e is true, see Exubera

3d- in pulsatile fashion with peaks every three to six minutes.
It's true that a teeny amount is produced between those times, but really... a pump provides more consistent insulin than a pancreas. True fact!

4a is true, dx'd age 18
4b is false
4c is true, dx'd age 38
4d is false
4e is false

5 is c

6a- some people use epipens but it is not optimal- it will cause insulin resistance but not much else. Let's say false
6b- FALSE. That's the number one thing I want people to know about diabetes.
6c- true, for everyday hypoglycemia
6d- true
6e- true, but needs a paramedic or medical personnel to be administered

7a- true, made by the nondiabetic pancreas
7b- true, made right next to the insulin
7c- true, made in the exocrine pancreas
7d- true, made in the exocrine pancreas
7e- false, made in the liver

8a is true, at least in the US and Europe (if you live in Japan we will let you get away with saying false).
8b is false, at least in the US and Europe
8c is true, if you've made it to 40 you are far less likely to develop type 1 diabetes
8d is false, breastfeeding appears to be protective against type 1 diabetes
8e is true

9a is true
9b is false
9c is true
9d is false- although a large chunk of kidney deaths are from diabetes, only a very small portion of type 1 diabetics die of kidney disease
9e is false for now

10a, true, is an autoimmune disease more common in type 1 diabetics
10b, true, is an autoimmune disease more common in type 1 diabetics
10c, true, is a condition that predisposes people to autoimmune diseases
10d, false, although it's more common in people with insulin resistance
10e, true, probably caused by long term high blood sugar

11b most pancreas transplants are performed with a kidney, and next most common are after a kidney, and after that most common are pancreas alone, and with liver is even rarer.



14a is true
14b is false, that's glucagon
14c is false because
14d is true
14e is true, a hormone is something made by one organ that signals to other parts of the body

15 is e, although in a sense all but d are true (if there was one type per antibody, there'd also have to additional types for each combination of antibodies)

16a true
16b true
16c false that's going above and beyond
16d true
16e false but that's good diabetes online community social skills

17a true
17b false
17c true
17d false
17e false because of the word "all". Fiber is generally good for people, but for people with gastroparesis- half of whom are diabetic- fiber is not good.

18 is a, for now

19 all of them are true, although in this order: MODY, Type 1B, Type 2, Type 1A, LADA

20e computers. Diabetes has been reported in all of the animals named.

21a false
22b true
22c true
22d false
22e true- generally if they turn out to have a particular monogenic form of diabetes or a MODY

23a false
23b false
23c true- causes blockage of pancreatic ducts sometimes resulting in diabetes
23d false
23e true, people with Turner's are more likely to develop all autoimmune diseases, including diabetes

24a is false
24b is false
24c is true, sort of- a little under half of type 1 diabetes diagnoses are made in people under 15
24d is true, this is the age group in which the majority of diagnoses are made
24e is false

25a, b, c, d and e. Different diabetics are on different diets. Although perhaps not a, due to the poison problem.

Scott said...

Technically, Q1b (pork insulin) is still sold in the U.S. for veterinary treatment (e.g. cats and dogs with diabetes), and it can be ordered from Walgreens and other major pharmacy chains. It is sold in the U.S. by Intervet (which is owned by Merck) under the brand name Vetsulin. However, it U-40 insulin, and most veterinarians prescribe insulin zinc suspension (which was known as Lente insulin for humans). BTW, I liked the answer to question 25b (you obviously saw the video that was going around a few weeks ago!) ... that line is now part of the D-OC vernacular!!

Reyna said...

I was scared to look at this post Jonah! when I clicked on it...I was aware of why. You are too damn smart for this old gal! LOL.

I am getting ready for the Bridget interview...using your format. I will link to you if that is oK?

Jonah said...

I didn't know vetsulin was from pigs. But it is, so I stand corrected. I guess I don't get a perfect score on my own quiz!

Reyna- you are welcome to link to me all you want.

Anonymous said...

Im still learning from you, but Im trying to achieve my goals. I certainly love reading everything that is written on your site.Keep the tips coming. I loved it!