Thursday, December 16, 2010

No More Leg Sites

On Wednesday the sensor went to ??? and after seven hours, gave up. I decided not to demand a replacement sensor from the company even though I only wore it for five days.

I had been planning to put the next sensor in my abdomen, but I think the odds of me needing a doctor to be able to feel my whole stomach, or ultrasound it, or whatever, are too high for that. So it's in my arm. There wasn't really enough fat on my arm for the sensor- I've lost weight and have no fat, plus want to avoid putting it right where I put it last time- but I did my best.

I didn't eat much on Sunday due to being in agony. I didn't eat much on Monday due to pain. I didn't eat much on Tuesday due to pain. I ate just a little less than normal on Wednesday. I went to sleep Wednesday night feeling fine. I woke up at 2 AM in extreme agony and threw up my entire supper about half an hour later. I've also been having the runs starting this morning. So now it's Thursday and I'm drinking pediatric electrolyte and eating freezer pops.
Wanna bet I'm losing weight?

I saw the endo yesterday. He drew two tubes of blood, for a CBC and a liver panel. He got blood on the first try but it hurt extra because it was near where I had blood drawn last time and I guess the area was already a little bruised. He said he'd try to get back to me today with the results, plus a referral to a GI doctor. He said he wanted to think about which GI doctor would be the best one for me to see. I hope he picks well.


Wendy said...


I'm so sorry to hear you've been sick :( I hope you feel better super soon. And I **really** hope the new GI doc is a good fit that can help you find some answers!!!!!

Reyna said...

Oh MAN Jonah! I am soooo sorry. *BIG SIGH*

I am hoping you get some answers soon. I don't think you can handle losing much more weight.