Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Being a Stupid Sillyhead, and I Know It

I have yet to see a negative urine ketone since I started testing every time I peed, on Sunday. My blood ketones are up to 0.9. My blood sugar comes down but then keeps zooming back up up up to the three or four hundreds. I feel okay- not great, but not bad. I decided not to talk to my doctor because I strongly suspect he'd say to go to the hospital. Instead I made an appointment for tomorrow morning.

I know I'm in the gray zone and better safe than sorry and all that... but I don't WANNA be sickkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Sorry, I'm whining even in my own head. It's just, when I'm in pain, going to the hospital has a big appeal- maybe they'll make me feel better. But I feel okay! I don't need to feel better. Anyway. I'm hoping that, as long as things don't get worse, having bloodwork tomorrow will be soon enough to tell if there's a problem with my potassium levels, which is what I'm most worried about, and that also talking to the doctor will help me figure out how to manage my blood sugar for however long this lasts. Probably I need to go over sick day management 101 anyways. Whine, grumble, groan. Sorry!

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Reyna said...

Oh Jonah! Bummer on the Ketones and whining is cool with me. You NEVER do it! I frequently do it AND while cursing even.

I hope you get this figured out and good luck with the potassium level. I hope they get the blood sample with the first poke!