Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Blurbs From Pubmed

A group of scientists put gendine on a teflon cannula and showed that it kills common and serious skin infections. They want to make cannulas that can be worn for two weeks instead of three days. Personally? Strikes me as itchy. But then, teflon didn't work for me anyways.
I wonder if it would contribute to microbial resistance too.

The last thing the diabetes mamas would want to hear: fatter mothers have more type 1 babies.  Although the authors of the study conclude that this is a CAUSAL relationship and is responsible for the increase in type 1 diabetes, frankly, there are way too many other possibilities for the relationship of facts. For instance, maybe the relationship is that age increases both risks.Plus, the increase in risk was only around 30%, which is not enough to explain the variance seen in type 1 incidence in the study area (Sweden).
All I can say is, I won't be sharing this blurb with my mother (who was non-overweight before I was born anyways).

Another study shows Sjogren's and type 1 diabetes share some risk factors.

The Look AHEAD trial, which had some type 2 diabetics exercising a lot and others not, found no difference in heart attacks, strokes, serious angina, or death from heart disease, even after ten years. They did find differences in blood sugar control, physical fitness and in weight loss.  

There appears to be a small increase in type 2 diabetes risk with greater air pollution.

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