Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Medical Supplies STUFF Situation At My Place

I have 11 empty vials that used to contain Regular. 1 vial with about 80 units left. 1 full unopened vial of Regular. 1 box with an unopened Lantus pen that expires in December, in the fridge. 1 vial of NPH with roughly 150 units remaining.
OOH, I apparently also have a vial of Regular with a vial adaptor on it, containing around 100 units. Probably no good anymore since my guess is I opened that vial a year and a half ago. Also a very expired vial of opened Lantus about half full, and a cartridge about 1/3rd full.

Insulin Delivery:
I have a clear minimed pump, just sitting on my counter. It has a battery and I'll probably use it again somebody because I also have 12 unopened sure T sets, as well as at least one quick set (I thought I had two but I only see one), and 13 reservoirs. I have a Medtronic Quick-serter that has been used roughly five times. Also a silserter, used three times. I have lots of loose batteries and a package of two unopened ones from minimed.
I have one jet injector and two unused vial adaptors.  Also a cleaning block, and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol (green).
I have roughly 160 U-100 31G 0.3 mL half unit syringes still in their bags, unused, as well as a few hanging around and some used ones too.
I have a box of pen needles (Ultra Fine 4mm 32G) with about 80 left.
I hung onto the unused I-Ports for a ridiculously long time, but I think they're gone now.
I have a NovoPenMate.

I have one Guardian, probably dead, and one Sof-Senser, extremely expired. One Mini-link. Two Medtronic chargers and one seashell transmitter.
Two Dexcom 7-pluses, and one 7+ transmitter that I see.
Two Dexcom G4s, one of which I'm wearing. One transmitter, which I'm wearing.
Two sensors in the drawer. Four chargers and lots of cables.
A roll of medical tape.
A couple things of the tape used for enlite sensors.

Blood sugar monitoring equipment:
Three (or more?) multiclix lancing devices, all but one of which are missing their caps (darn caps break every year or two). A box with 14 drums.
An Accu-Chek Aviva, a Bayour Contour, a OneTouch Ultra2, a green OneTouch Ultra Mini. One red and one blue Relion Prime.
One full box of Relion Prime strips, one vial half used.
Five cases.
Four assorted other lancing devices that I see and about thirty unused lancets of the kind you can stick in most devices.

About 200 alcohol wipes (I really only use them to wipe off the vials about once a week).
A bunch of different types of CGM and pump cases.
4 detergent bottles repurposed as sharps containers (4?! why do I have four in my room? something needs to be done about that...)
A medical bill I haven't paid. Some I have.
Some glucagons. But the most important one is upstairs for my parents. It's the only one that's not expired.
About six monitoring logs that came with meters.
Some instruction manuals I should throw out because you can find them all online anyways.

A bunch of samples of Zyrtec (maybe from 2007?)
Some chewable ibuprofen.
One empty and one mostly full tube of Voltaren.
One empty and one mostly full vial of Depo-Testosterone.
Some 23 G needles that screw on. I don't have the syringes for them and I ought to throw them out.

Well, that embarrassing look through my medical supplies was brought to you by the
Diabetes Blog Week

P.S. I found an old I-Port. Also a Nova Max meter. And I can't believe I forgot to mention my Frio!

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Kelley said...

Wow! It's funny to see the supplies written out like that because it does seem like a lot! I'm scared to write down what I have haha.