Friday, May 15, 2015

Wildcard: Crazy Stories

When I think diabetes crazy stories, it occurs to me that most of those I've heard involve somebody being unprepared for a hypo. Eh, forget that. Here's what I think are my top three:

1. For about a year I kept hearing from folks that they knew somebody I should meet, SJ. And one evening I went to an event and saw somebody with an insulin pump so I went and said hi and it was SJ! So when I said that I had had a difficult year since my diabetes diagnosis, SJ said, "Why  would that be difficult?" and meant it non-humorously! I was flabbergasted. We didn't connect.

2. I used to go to a transgender support group and folks there knew that I was diabetic. One evening after the group, a person there told me that he was dating a woman with diabetes and asked me what he should know. I asked him to tell me a little bit about how she managed her diabetes, and also how she felt about her diabetes, from what he could tell. He told me she was on shots, but used to have a pump, and that he wasn't really sure but she was vocally fat-positive so he didn't think she'd be self-conscious about diabetes.  I gave him some advice (learn to use a glucagon) and on the way home I started thinking about it... and realized that by his description of her diabetes, I knew who she was. I met her through this blog.

3. Gushers are always good for crazy. Gushers are those times somebody does a finger poke, squeezes, and instead of getting a drop of blood... it squirts up and makes a dotted line down his shirt. My first one happened when I was showing a friend what a no-big-deal blood sugar checks were, six months after diagnosis.

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