Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blogs I Met And Liked This Week

I can't find some of the ones I know I read and liked. While looking, I found more. But here are four I like:

1. T1D and Gluten Free No clue what the name of the blogger is, but her daughter has diabetes and celiac. They're carb counting and pumping (neither of which I've been doing in a while).  But reading back through her blog, I see she experimented with a dummy pod, CGM, poking her finger, and eating gluten free to half way experience her daughter's challenges. Kudos!

2. Thomas' Diabetes Blog is written in two languages, by Thomas, a T1 D veteran. And he took apart a pump and put the pictures on his blog!

3. Canadian D-Gal by Scully, a type 1 diabetic experiencing some burnout, and making it funny. She manages her diabetes (I think) in the kind of lazy way that still takes an awful lot of effort (like me!)

4. Joy Benchmarks is by Marie Smith and is focused on finding the good things in life even when life throws you an awful lot of hardballs. Which it  has her; she has myasthenia gravis, had thymus cancer, and has diabetes. And still appreciates the little things. And the big things too.

And the honorary 5... maybe one of you knows which it is. It's by a woman who is 55 and was diagnosed at age 24 and she wrote a great post about running and she collects something village collectibles and she had a foot infection some years ago and she's got an A1c under 6% if I remember right. And her picture is on the upper left corner of the blog. I liked it but I can't seem to find it again.

P.S. Oops, here's the link to the page of other people's favorites.

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