Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Big Day

Today I deliver earnest money for a condo! It was January when I first started viewing places (and didn't even know what earnest money was). This is the third condo I've put in an offer on. The first one was counteroffered but for more money than I was willing to pay for it. The second was kind of accepted but the owner died and then the heirs didn't agree about selling it to me and after waiting more than a month I said forget it, you guys still don't know what you're doing, I'm looking elsewhere. I really liked that place though. Anyways, the third place I offered on last week, they counter-offered, I counter-counter-offered, they counter-counter-counter offered, I said OK.

Today the How-Long-Will-One-Vial-of-NPH-Last experiment ends. The NPH isn't dead but the blood sugar's been crazy for four days and yesterday the protamine started sticking to the sides of the vial. I haven't quite made up my mind whether I resume pumping tonight, or go on Lantus. Then I think I'll go back to NPH; it's just so darn cheap.  And the answer to how long it was good for? I think 10 weeks. It was not refrigerated at any part of those 10 weeks, FYI, and my bg average was around 140 for the entire period.

My middle brother, the one I never did interview here, is starting a 24 hour trial period at a group home today. The home is trying out  three candidates for one slot... and I can't imagine they'll pick him. But I have the whole night all to myself!

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