Monday, May 18, 2009


This morning I woke up at 7 AM, blearily hearing my mother going by. I eyed the clock and went back to sleep.
At 8 AM, my father came by to make sure I was awake and doing fine. I got up, feeling fine, went to the bathroom to wash my foot and came back, checked my blood sugar.
"Thirty-eight", I told him.
"Thirty-eight? Without a one in front?" he is incredulous.
So am I, when it comes right down to it, but I let him walk with me up the stairs to my parents' apartment, where I eat a bowl of cereal and don't inject any insulin. An hour later, curious, I check my blood sugar: 86. So I guess the earlier reading was for real. Later in the morning I went a little bit high, but nothing too bad. My blood sugar was fine all afternoon and evening.

I thought I didn't have a thyroid family history, but my uncle is here because my father is having surgery (prostatectomy due to cancer) tommorow. And he says that my father's mother and one of her sisters both developed hyperthyroidism in their 70s, and neither of them had to have anything but blood tests to diagnose it, and both got radioactive iodine to treat it and were fine. He doesn't know what kind of hyperthyroidism, but he does know that they didn't have to have uptake scans.
My guess is that that means Graves', because I figure the antibodies showed up in the bloodwork; either that or it means doctors who didn't really care what kind of hyperthyroidism these very sick women close to 80 had.

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