Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Picture of lacey cup with roses and more roses outside the cup with the caption One Lovely Blog Award written in pink

was given to me by Vivian. Vivian writes about her family and its many challenges. Her posts are well written and have lots of pictures. If you want to read a caregiver blog and are willing to read about more than just your own medical issue, I recommend it.

I suppose I should offer this award to others, so here are my top three:

My favorite diabetes blog is Life After Dx. Lee is a diabetes educator of the paid but uncertified sort; he works in a clinic that serves mostly poor folk in New Mexico. Lee is also a type 1 diabetic and a family man, and he's really funny. And he's an author. His blog is about 80% diabetes stuff, although not all about his own diabetes, and I just like it.

What Some Would Call Lies is another blog by a diabetic, but this blog is not diabetes focused- it's probably around 10% diabetes stuff, maybe even less. Mike was originally diagnosed t2 but went into DKA when he didn't take his insulin, and I notice his profile now says he has t1. So I guess this is a LADA blogger. He is funny and all of his posts have pictures (I like pictures). He's also gay and he has dogs and he makes culture and work references. Yeah.

Nancy Reyes doesn't write often enough. She's a retired nurse in the Phillipines with an unusual perspective on health care. She's not diabetic and this isn't a diabetes blog.


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Jonah said...

While it's generally okay to quote me, for this post I'd rather you didn't, because it's not about me or my political/medical views.