Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inconclusive Results

The bloodwork from Friday (six days ago) is back. The TSH halved, now at 0.10 with a normal range of 0.40-4.50 . The antibodies came back in the normal range, which makes it unlikely (but not impossible) that I have Graves'. Either the doctor didn't test for Hashi's antibodies, or they aren't back; however, since I've been tested for those before as a routine "we do this to all T1s" thing and they have been negative, I assume that Hashi's is a pretty low risk too.

So now what? Well, now I get an iodine uptake scan done. On the message the endo left me, he said to do a 131 Iodine Uptake Scan, but on the paperwork he gave me last week to give to the lab, it says 123 Iodine Uptake Panel. So I will give him a call in the morning to see what's what.

In the meantime, my imagination is running away with me, imagining thyroid cancer.

In nondmedical news, I interviewed for a student teaching position today and I think I got it, although of course I don't know yet.
In nonthyroid but sort of medical news, I spent a bit over ten hours in the last two days at my best friend's house. His mother is extremely sick due to cancer and due to the treatments she's been on. She is taking steroids and her husband was told to monitor her blood sugar but given nothing but a prescription with only the word "glucometer" on it as instructions for how to check that glucose. So I brought over one of my accu-chek aviva meters, one of the multiclix lancing devices that Lee so generously sent me, and a canister of strips, and I did a little tutorial in how to check blood sugar. They'll be checking once per day until she either develops a fasting blood sugar over 200, or gets too sick for checking blood sugar to be meaningful. The doctor told them only to be concerned if her blood sugar was "over two or three hundred". Way to be precise, doc. That was sarcasm.
When I was hospitalized with new onset diabetes, my friend and his mother came to visit me and I was really really glad to have them visit. This is not exactly returning the favor; but I keep thinking about it anyhow.

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