Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have got a sweet tooth. I like candy, and I am very capable of eating a pound of sugar in a sitting.
I have also got really a strong ascetic streak. From October 30, 2001 until about sometime in the summer of 2002, I didn't eat any processed sugar at all; and I repeated the feat for a couple of years a bit later. I also didn't eat honey.
I've been on various diets mostly for fun; a vegetarian since late 1997, a vegan since early 2000; gluten free from August 1 until the end of 2005; no processed sugar at all from October 2001- August 2002.
I am very much an all or nothing kind of a guy.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my parents and the diabetes educator and the nutritionist and I sat around and talked about stuff. The nutritionist quizzed me about my diet and said I was getting in all the vitamins I ought to be and that overall I was eating a healthier diet than most; keep up the good work.
Then the CDE said I needed to have some simple carbohydrates on me at all times. Problem: I was concerned that I would eat the food when I wasn't hypo and therefore it wouldn't be there when I was. This has, in fact, remained a problem for me. Here are my solutions so far:

1) Treat hypos with a source of sugar that is not very appealing, such as plain honey. Drawback: Either it turns out that the food is more appealing than I thought, or else when I'm cantakarous and low, I refuse to eat it.

2) Get a ton of candy and allow myself to eat as much as I want of it, leaving some on hand for hypos. Drawback: While this often works, and I find that I had more discipline than I though, often what happens is that I simply eat a lot of candy. It's available for lows, and candy ironically is one of the easiest foods for me to manage blood sugar wise, but I am not convinced that it's a nutritionally sound choice.

3) Treat hypos with normal food. Drawback: not usually a fast acting carb, and I have to restock because normal food goes bad.

So what do I do? Some combination. Often what I do is carry around an extra meal's worht of food, and also some packets of sugar. Sometimes I do go and buy a five pound bag of soft mints or smarties.

Recently, I had a really bad low. It was only a 42, which doesn't sound so bad, but the thing is that it was just past midnight, I hadn't had Novolog in about three hours, and I ate 50 carbs of sugar and soy ice cream, didn't inject at all, and a couple hours later was up to only 120. Also, my vision was blurry and I felt really anxious. In the morning, I was down to 71.
So I went and bought a five pound bag of mints, and now I keep eating the damn things when I'm not hypo. In fact, I want one right now.

:-/ There are worse things than having permission to eat candy, I am sure.

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