Saturday, May 09, 2009

In three weeks between endo visits, my weight dropped two and a quarter pounds, which doesn't sound like much except that I've been losing weight at approximately that speed for twenty two and a quarter pounds now.

My endo thinks it is extremely unlikely that my thyroid disease will go away on its own, particularly as I was very symptomatic in his office on Friday. I had a rapid pulse (88 resting), a tremor in multiple body parts, and I don't remember what else. He is rechecking the TSH and says that unless it's normal now, he wants me to have an iodine uptake scan. I'm having the 123 kind of scan.

I had kind of thought that he was going to say that it was such mild hyperthyroidism that we didn't really need to do anything and that treating or not was up to me; it was something of a shock when he said we needed to treat it. He even mentioned surgery as a possibility.
Please, no surgery. That is what I think.
He said my options are Graves', Hashitoxicosis, or Plummer's. I know I don't get to pick, but I have been wondering which I'd pick if I could. The good thing about Graves' is that it might go into remission; the good thing about Plummer's is that you can remove just a part of the thyroid; the good thing about Hashi's is that you don't have to damage or remove the thyroid because Hashi's will do that on it's own, eventually.

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Molly said...

Whew, Jonah.
It's been a rough month for you.
Here's hoping that the doc can figure it out and you can feel better soon.
Hang in there.