Monday, September 28, 2009

Yom Kippur Log (written after Yom Kippur)

September 27, 2009

1704 hours -bg 153 Injected 20 units for the before fast feast. Started stuffing my face.

1814 hours- bg 103 20 minutes until the fast. Decided to eat another 30 carbs of fig newtons. Was absolutely full, vomitted a bit. Stayed home from services.

2011 hours- bg 213 Ignored it, read.

2035 hours- took 10 units Lantus. Ketones negative.

2116 hours- bg 246 Two units Novolog. Hoped it wasn't too much.

2249 hours- bg 217 Went to bed.

September 28

0628 hours- bg 252 Took two units of Novolog, went back to sleep.

0909 hours- bg 147 Ketones negative. Walked to the synagogue (about a mile and a half)

1030 hours- bg 121 no action

1205 hours- bg 156 no action

1426 hours- bg 163 morning services ended, I decided to stay in the synagogue rather than risk lowering my blood sugar by walking someplace

1655 hours- bg 149 evening services started

1942 hours- bg 128 evening services ended

2000 hours- took 6 units Novolog, broke my fast with 2 cups chili plus half cup granola, a little (I mean a little) melon, three slices cucumber, one slice tomato, one cup water

2119 hours- bg 331 took another 6 units Novolog, 14 units Lantus.

So, all in all, it went well. I should have been more aggressive with the post fast feast.


Bad Decision Maker said...

glad it went ok. mine went surprisingly well except for having to have juice before bed (which should've been the easy part - hadn't been that long since i ate) because i was 74 and dropping. of course, i was drinking water so that is a different ballgame.

Karpoozi said...

Your fast was smoother than mine. I was up and down and all over the place...