Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This morning I woke up with a blood sugar of 300. It was the highest reading I'd had in, oh, 44 days :rolleyes: However, I'm no stranger to blood sugar readings that high, and I did the correction and went about with my morning routine. Just as a matter of habit, I checked urine ketones- something I always do with readings over 300. I was SHOCKED to see that my urine ketones were small, because that is the first time I've had ketones since the month of dx that weren't within a few hours of throwing up. I rechecked and they were small again. In the past, I have even forgotten bedtime Lantus, woken up with a blood sugar in the upper 400s- no ketones.

So now I'm wondering if this is a sign of things to come: am I going to be more ketone prone than I have been in the past?

And as a post script to my previous post, I took off the demo pod today, almost exactly 72 hours after putting it on. The site under where the pod had been was red and in some places purple, and there was some lumpiness under the site. This is with no cannula, nothing. The wearing of the demo pump was tolerable, but the fact that my stomache is looking this irritated after nothing but the adhesive and the weight of the solo, suggests that pumping with the solo would probably not be a great option for me.

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