Sunday, September 06, 2009

Insurance Question

So, I'm going to be all certified and ready to get a job in December, and will be starting to look for jobs in October. The thing I am looking forward to the most is getting an insurance plan that will cover a CGMS.

So here is the question: How do I find out, before choosing an insurance, whether or not it would cover a CGMS for me? My googlesearch so far has not been useful.

If you are in Illinois and have been either approved or denied for a CGMS by your insurance, particularly if you are in my age range, please let me know which insurance and what decision.
I am on BCBS-IL-PPO and they are covering for persons 25 and up who check blood sugar 8x+ per day, and who are willing to wear a blinded CGMS for three days first. I think you also have to have hypos below 50 but that is not a problem here. My problem is, I am 20. I will be 21 by the time I switch insurance plans, but this still means I need an insurance that isn't following the stupid JDRF study as the basis for its decisions.

BCBS-IL-HMO covers CGMS for everybody as far as I've heard.

Any other Illinois experiences? Knowledge of a dependable online resource? Way to look at insurance websites or call them up or anything like that?

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