Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Meters

On Friday, I changed the code chip in my meter, and had a hard time putting the new chip in because the plastic was loose where the chip goes in and was blocking the place where the chip goes in. So, although my meter was well out of warrantee, I called Accu-Chek. When the woman on the phone (named Eilene) found out that my back up Accu-Chek Aviva meter, also out of warrantee, also didn't totally work (the forward button is broke), she said she'd send me two new meters.

The new meters came today. I took out my usual meter, and both of the new ones. I drew a large drop of blood from my right big toe. I applied it to my usual meter on a test strip. Then I took the code chip out, put in one of the new meters, put a strip in that meter, and put blood from the same drop there. I repeated that for the third meter.
And a minor miracle occurred, for lo and behold! My meters were not 50 points aparts, not 10 points apart, no! Not even by one mg/dl did they differ. So I decided to capture the moment. Look!


Anonymous said...

Hehe. Cool.

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