Sunday, September 27, 2009

A No Good Rotten Cold

I started showing symptoms of a cold at exactly 1:40 PM on Monday. It was unusual mostly in its suddenness. I got a runny nose, sore throat, sore eyes. On Tuesday I woke up feeling horrible in the middle of the night covered in sweat (bg 142). I went back to sleep after an hour, woke up again at 6 AM feeling better by a bit, even more coated in sweat (it is not hot in my place). I made it through the day with nothing worse than a persistant runny nose and a sore feeling in my throat.
On Wednesday, my students heard it. Mr. B, are you coming down with something? Mr. B, I have a question. Are you sick? I know you feel, Mr. B, my baby sister is sick, too.
On Thursday, I started losing my voice, throughout the day, my voice fading in and out. I developed a hot feeling all over my body, and felt very sore when anything touched me.
On Friday, more of the same.
Saturday (today, really), I stayed home and did nothing much all day. I've only had two or three times when my voice didn't come out and I don't feel too bad.

Thing is, the insulin resistance is driving me insane.
I had 0 readings above 300 from August 2- September 14 inclusive. I had an explainable reading of 300 on September 15. But then, what happens with a cold? Two readings in the last week above 300. And insulin resistance unpredictable.

Here's a story. Today, I finish lunch (and its insulin) by half past noon. At 3:20 PM I check my blood sugar: 221. Nothing too unusual about that, I'm sorry to say. I would usually correct that with an injection of 2.5 units Novolog (at an ISF between 40 and 45), but I decide that I'll inject 9 units of Novolog, wait an hour, and then eat for the extra 6.5 units. Brilliant, right?
So an hour comes and goes, I check my blood sugar again. 246! No drop at all, in fact a rise!
So instead of having a lovely 45 carb meal, I go have some tea (peppermint papaya, no carbs or caffeine) with some celery and lettuce (that was my mother's idea). After another two hours, when the Novolog has done it's job, I am down to 132. Not a bad number- but it took 9 units to get there?!
So I had some more to eat at that point, took what should have been enough insulin too. A couple hours later I'm at 123, looks good. Took a bit more Lantus than usual. Shabbes ends, I go on the computer.

Three more hours later (right before writing this post, in fact), I check my blood sugar just because and SURPRISE! 340. Now what? I haven't seen a number that high since August 1. I'm not at all sure what my insulin sensitivity is. What to do? I took 9 units. I'll check again after an hour, I suppose.

And the worst part of this story? Yom Kippur is on Monday! It's hard enough fasting on Yom Kippur with my body's usual shenanigans- now I have to add a cold into the mix?! Oy vey!
What Lantus dose will I take next? Will I be able to fast on that holiest day of the year? Stay tuned to find out...

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