Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I called the patient information network this morning to access the lab results from my blood draw and doctor visit Monday.

My A1c is exactly what I guessed, 7.1%. Last time I was spot on accurate too, but last time it was 6.4%. I think my endo was joking when he said in the message that maybe we should stop drawing it since I guess my A1c so precisely.

My TSH came back 1.54, normal normal normal. Also, only .02 different from last time, so maybe I've stabilized. I can hope, hey? My thyroid is still tender.

My endo didn't say exactly how my other labwork came in, just that it was normal. Except for my blood sugar, which was 207. My accu-chek had read 206 just a few minutes earlier. Which reminds me that I've been meaning to make a list of things about the accu-chek aviva:

1. It's accurate.
2. It takes .6 microliters of blood (half the amount of the newer accu-chek).
3. There are four ways to turn the meter on that I've figured out so far. You can hit the forward button a few times, you can hit the back button a few times, you can hit the rather redundant on button, or you can insert a test strip.
4. It comes with the multiclix, which comes with easy to change, not horribly painful lancets.
5. It has skins.
6. And it comes with great customer service from accu-chek.

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