Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sensor Quandry

Let's say you're wearing (or a person in your charge is wearing) a sensor and it's not performing well. How do you decide to pull it or leave it in?

I'm wearing a sensor. It's on day 5. It has been showing some really erratic numbers. A few times it's been spot on and mostly the direction of the trends are correct but the magnitude of the trend is not. Also, every time I take a walk it shows me plunging low within 20 minutes, very dramatically proving that it is on body, but in reality my blood sugar doesn't seem to have been low at all. At first I thought it was just warming up and would get better but at this point I'm not so sure.

1 comment:

Trev said...

Well, I'm not a perma sensor wearing fellow. But given the above I'd yank it. Just knowing the thing is erradic would drive me up the wall.