Saturday, June 25, 2011

The good news is, the prolactin and calcium are normal now. The vitamin D is low but I refuse to supplement- not when I've had two unexplained high vitamin D levels. My endo says if it was him, he'd try supplementing with the a low dose of vitamin D but I'm not willing to do even that.

My A1c is up to 7.0% which I am not at all happy about even though I'm not surprised. I know in studies on people with diabetes, people often have drops in A1c when something new is added or something is changed- whether it's a pump being added or an insulin changed- and that most of the time, the A1cs go back to what they were after a year or so. I assume that this is because of how much diabetes control is affected by the thought and effort that goes into it, and changing things up both causes us to think more about what we're doing, and motivates us to do what we know we ought to.

Nonetheless, when I got my lowest ever recorded A1cs so soon after starting on the Dexcom, I really thought I would be able to keep those A1cs down. So it's especially disappointing to me to see them go up.
Nonetheless, there are times that the Dexcom really helps. For example, today I didn't measure carbs. I just took a lot of insulin and then ate more when I started getting low. My daytime highest number was 178 (I went over 200 around 11 PM), and I took about 50 units of Novolog today- which at a 1:10 ratio suggests I ate an awful lot of carbohydrates. I'm not really sure what my ratio really is though- I've been sick for three weeks and I've been insulin resistant.

Anyways. Maybe the Regular will help. It's certainly cheaper than the Dex.

Tomorrow I'm going to post a diabetes cartoon I drew. I've been meaning to scan it and upload it for a while but now that I've said I will, I'll have to.

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Reyna said...

Interesting, the "year after the change" fact. I hope you feel better soon...that certainly cannot be helping your A1C don't let the disappointment weigh on you too heavily.

I'll be looking for the cartoon! :)