Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My newest weird test result is a high vitamin D level- 92 point something at a lab that goes up to 75. And I'm not even supplementing! The doctor left a message but it's too late to get back to her today.

I finally have insurance coverage for my Dexcom sensors, which is great. I got sent an invoice about a week ago that at first I thought was amusing, but the more I look at it, the less amused I am.

To review: if you are buying Dexcom sensors, you will be told the price for a box is 319 dollars per box, unless you are willing to buy at least six boxes in a twelve month period, in which case the price is 289 dollars per box.

On this invoice, it says that the list price is 460 dollars per box, but that my insurance (BCBS-IL) has contracted with Dexcom and received the lower price of $261.52 per box, and that for the two boxes I just got, the price is therefore $523.04 of which I paid $52.30 and insurance is expected to make up the difference.

And, just, I don't get it. Why does Dexcom have a list price of $460? Why contract with my insurance for $261.52 when uninsured patients, who require less paperwork and processing (though probably use the Dexcom less continuously) pay 289 plus shipping and handling?

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Scott said...

OK, My partner has BCBS-IL so this is of interest to me, but the price ranges you cite here for Dexcom sensors are leaving me pretty confused, and that doesn't often happen. Maybe I'll figure it out once I've had a chance to digest it all!