Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dexcom Data (in the Butt)

I wore my 21st sensor on my left hip/buttcheek. It lasted 15 days before I pulled it due to itchiness. It was actually not functioning all that well by then but I didn't have any other sensors, so. It was surprisingly not in the way while I was doing anything but trying to go to sleep. Unfortunately, I tend to roll around a lot while trying to fall asleep- doesn't work with a sensor on the edge of my butt.
It pretty much didn't hurt until on day 4 all of a sudden I had a pretty intense muscle type pain, and after that it was sort of sore for a while. I had just been sitting on the bus and all of a sudden it really hurt.
I thought it was a reasonable success.

I received word that I'd gotten insurance approval for CGMS wear yesterday and got a couple of boxes of sensors shipped; they arrived this morning and sensor 22 is now on my other hip. So far it's been okay except it went to ??? about an hour ago, but I think that's just because it's the first day.

In sum, my sensor experiences to date:

Sensor 1 left arm, inserted Sept 1 removed Sept 17 due to itchiness
Sensor 2 left abdomen, inserted Sept 19 removed Oct 2 removed because it failed
Sensor 3- left leg, inserted Oct 2, ripped out Oct 4
Sensor 4- left leg, inserted Oct 4, failed Oct 14
Sensor 5- left arm, inserted Oct 14 removed Nov 4
Sensor 6- left abdomen, inserted Nov 4 removed Nov 20
Sensor 7- right leg, inserted Nov 20 ripped out Nov 22
Sensor 8- right arm inserted Nov 23 removed Dec 10 due to itchiness
Sensor 9- right leg, inserted Dec 10 failed Dec 15
Sensor 10- inserted Dec 15, removed Jan 8th due to itchiness
Sensor 11- inserted on Jan 8th, removed Jan 9th because it didn't work at all
Sensor 12- right arm, inserted Jan 10th removed Jan 26th (itchy and ???)
Sensor 13- left arm, inserted Jan 26, removed Feb 2
Sensor 14- left abdomen, inserted Feb 2, took out Feb 13
Sensor 15- right arm, inserted on Feb 13, pulled Feb 22- the Dexcom receiver broke while I was wearing this sensor and I had to take the transmitter off while wearing the sensor in order to read the number on in, and the adhesive was just not sticking well- this was not a good sensor experience
Sensor 16- left arm, inserted on Feb 22, pulled Mar 5
Sensor 17- left upper abdomen, started on Mar 5, pulled on Mar 19
Sensor 18- right arm, started on Mar 20, pulled on the 31st due to itchiness
Sensor 19- left arm, started on Mar 31st, pulled April 21st at the three week mark- didn't think it was worth a restart because of ??? episodes a false low the previous night
Sensor 20- right arm, started on April 21, pulled it May 6 because of poor function
Sensor 21- left hip, started on May 8, pulled in May 23 due to itchiness.
Sensor 22- right hip, started May 26 and still in.

Days left in per
arm sites: 16, 21, 17, 24, 16, 7, 9, 11, 11, 21, 15 ; out of 11 sensors, the average is a bit over 15 days, and the middle sensor made it 16 days. This is a great place for sensors.
stomach sites: 13, 16, 1, 11, 14 ; out of five sensors, the average is 11 days and the middle is 13 days. The This is a pretty good place for sensors. The one sensor that did not work was placed on the side of my abdomen where I've had surgery.
leg sites: 2, 10, 2, 5 ; out of four sensors, the average is under 5 days and only one made it past a week. This is not a good enough place for sensors.
hip sites: 15; the only hip site sensor made it 15 days. I am still considering this experimental.

Why I pulled them:
Itchiness (usually combined with other reasons) - 7
Failed Sensor - 4
I didn't pull it, it pulled itself- 2 (both leg sites)
An old sensor doing worse that had not failed -2
It was just an old sensor and I was afraid to wear it past x days- 1
Did not write down reason- 5


Wendy said...


You're so analytical!!! Hope you're able to use that info to help you figure the rotation sites that work best for you!

Reyna said...

I love the "analytical" Jonah! Joe's current Dexter (always in the arm) is hanging on by just a titch of adhesive. He refused tape and he knows not to throw away the transmitter if it falls out at school. Fingers crossed.