Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 Things I Hate About Diabetes

In no particular order

  • Bruises, scars, and trying to find a place to stick my needles. Especially with a CGMS. Ugh!

  • The cost, and feeling like I am a cost to society on account of being more expensive to keep alive.

  • Being immediately accountable for things I do.

  • Being held accountable for things I didn't do.

  • It kills people.

  • It orphans people.

  • It emphasizes class differences.

  • Sleep deprivation.

  • The necessity (?) of animal testing and use in making insulin and other diabetes medications.

  • The things it prompts me to wonder about my future.

    Vivian said...

    Very well said. I wish you did not have to have a list.

    k2 said...

    Really great list!
    Pointing out "the emphasizing of class differences," was great!

    Mike Lawson said...

    It emphasizes class differences.

    Damn truth!!