Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm feeling crabby about the blogger breakdown, and particularly about the fact that at least five of the comments that I know were left on my posts are not back. Sorry.

I finally got my Dexcom data to upload, after attempts on three different days, on Wednesday. I was not thrilled by my numbers, particularly since my overall fluctuations lately haven't been too bad. Particularly when I put together the sheets that Dexcom wanted me to send to insurance (we're hoping I'll have coverage next week), I was struck by the fact that I've left the field blank in the notes area.

One of the weaknesses of Dexcom is that you can enter in "events," but without a computer, you can't access them. If I enter in how many units of insulin I took, it might be useful to know a month later while looking at logs, true- but it will be WAY more useful in half an hour, when I'm trying to remember how many grams of carbohydrate I should each. So I don't have much motivation to enter in "events" even when I do take a careful note of them.

But I haven't been taking a careful enough note of them. In recent months, I have frequently injected and then ate more or less than I injected for, because I either didn't count the carbs that I ate, or I forgot how much I injected (oh man, I do that a lot), or I got hungry but didn't do an extra shot, or I injected for how much I would like to be hungry for, but wasn't actually anywhere close to being that hungry.

So, anyways. Today after I bought a lot of bananas, I figured out a carb ratio. Yes, I figured out. The problem is that the ratios I could find were for bananas without skins- but I want to write the ratios on the banana skins, without peeling the bananas first. So I peeled one banana and compared the weight before and after (I was hypo anyways). I figured if the weight: carb ratio of a peeled banana is 100:21, and the weight of the banana I peeled had a ratio of 160:90 unpeeled vs peeled, then I just had to weigh the other bananas (with peels) and multiply the weight in grams by (90 times 21)/(160 times 100). So I did.

My favorite carb counting website,, appears to have been redesigned and it's not my favorite anymore. It doesn't give the carb counts by weight! What The Fructose, I say.

Dr. Bernstein recommends the Accu Chek Aviva and I continue being frustrated with Accu Chek Aviva. I'm also having trouble getting my fingers to bleed.

This is turning into a too long post. Sorry!

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Wendy said...

I hope your comments are back...and I hope things are looking up by the time you read this, Jonah!!!