Thursday, January 20, 2011

Technosphere Insulin, Updates

Remember I posted about an inhaled insulin that is being studied, Technosphere Inhaled Insulin? It is apparently being given another name, Afrezza, and it just got rejected by the FDA. Not like the FDA told it that it was no good, go home, but rather try again with a different inhaler.
The stock for the company started falling before the company released the news that they hadn't gotten FDA approval, which may mean some illegal stuff went on stock-trading wise, and ... I don't know.
Reading about the insulin made it sound like technosphere is actually expected to be more fast acting than any of the current insulins on the market, which is intriguing.
Here is the website of the company, Mannkind

In the Jonah news: I started teaching chess for the winter yesterday. The home share thing is moving slowly and I have an interview with the match making person in one week. I have an appointment with a GI doc for the last of the month and I'm trying to figure out what I want to ask. I have a hard knot on my leg that I at first assumed was from a shot but am now wondering if it could be a bug bite of some sort. I've been realizing lately that my I:C and ISFs were both too low (too much insulin) and that my carb guesstimates were tending to be low as well. So I need to count better and more often.


Reyna said...

I have always been somewhat intrigued by "inhaled insulin" and now...more recently the "smart insulin" rumbles. I don't get my hopes up, but I do get a little "dreamy-eyed".

And...bummer on all the changes on your "d" front. I think we are gonna be backing off of some insulin around here. We have started riding the "low" train once again :(.

Cool on the chess. Joe is into chess, but I don't know how to play. I am going to learn soon so that he can beat the pants off of me - LOL.

Have a great night Jonah.

Wendy said...

Wow! Cool stuff ... crazy to think about what could be coming down the pike as far as insulin goes.

I understand changes. I feel like something is ALWAYS being tweaked with insulin around here. TWEAK TWEAK TWEAK!!!!

I know nothing about chess. But I think it's cool that you can teach it :)