Sunday, January 09, 2011


One of my goals for 2011 is to start drinking. Not, like, heavy, 22 year old drinking- but like a drink with a meal once a week or so. When I was diagnosed with diabetes and the myriads of doctors asked if I drank, I said I drank a couple of times per year. But in the years since I was diagnosed with diabetes, every time I've been just thinking about it, my blood sugar goes haywire and I reconsider.

On New Year's Day I started on it by accident. I was a guest in somebody's home and there was lots of wine and some grape juice, I thought I was being served grape juice but got wine. I noticed nothing in my blood sugar.

Friday evening when my brother brought home a bottle of wine and poured himself some, I passed him my cup. I drank about two ounces of wine. Since I thought it tasted terrible, I diluted it with a lot of water. It made great tasting water. I didn't really notice anything unusual about my blood sugar, although who knows?- it's not like my carb counts of the evening were accurate. My blood sugar was not particularly high or low that evening though.

One thing I am wondering about- there's no nutrition information on wine bottles. Just an alcohol %. So how am I supposed to figure out the carbs? From what I understand, not all of the sugars from the grape juice will be converted to alcohol, and grape juice has lots of sugar. And presumably different wines, with different alcohol levels, will have different amounts of sugar... right? I dunno.

The sensor, BTW, did not start working and I'm about to go call Dexcom.


FeltFinland said...

Here are a couple of links that might help Jonah.
Generally dry wines have few carbs but beer seems to have a lot more.

Reyna said...

Also, from what I have can go low later on after drinking so be on the lookout for that. Luckily, Joe hasn't taken up drinking yet - BIG, BIG SMILES!

Hopefully someday we can hang and have a glass of wine together Jonah! I am a big fan of reds.

Wendy said...


I have also heard about lows that follow a few drinks...keep us posted!