Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I woke up with ???s this morning and took the sensor out. It itched anyways; it was in for sixteen days. Ate breakfast, took a bath, scrub scrub scrub, and put a new sensor in- upper left arm. It stung a bit but is working fine.

I talked to Guadalupe at Dexcom, who is putting through my "appeal" to insurance. I'm putting appeal in quotes because there was no original decision to appeal. She says I'll probably have coverage by next week- with the letter of medical necessity plus records from the use I've already had on Dexcom. I then have a $200 DME deductible, and am covered at 90% after that unless I spent a thousand on DME, after which I'm covered at 100%. What we already spent is probably not going to get reimbursed but she sent me a file with the record that I can try to print out and get reimbursement for. So that's good news.
And while I was on the phone anyways, I talked to tech support, which really just seems to send me replacements- so far they haven't offered much support- and told them that my case - the zippered one- has a big crack in the clear plastic part so they are sending me a new one.

I'm feeling better GI wise which makes it somewhat more difficult to figure out what to talk to the GI doc about. I have about four different abdominal pain issues, or at least four constellations of pain symptoms around my abdomen (and sometimes thorax). And I want to know what causes them, and if he can make them go away, and what my future holds. And I also want to know if I should be concerned about my weight. And if there's any kind of diet that might help.

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