Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well on the Road to Recovery

Surgery was brutal but apparently routine. I managed my own blood sugar before and after surgery; it wasn't even checked during surgery. Cholocysectomy was performed laparascopically and took two hours due to adhesions. First, second, and third days were agonizing; the fourth has gone pretty well. Blood sugar going into surgery was 218 and coming out was 221. Blood sugar has mostly been as good or better than usual; appetite is absent. Insulin are very low but on the rise (no insulin resistance seen).

One thing I'm wondering about is this: I was having really dramatic rises in blood sugar at the same time as excruciating pain before. Now I'm having lots of pain without any rise in blood sugar. Were the previous elevations in blood sugar due to the same thing causing the pain, rather than the pain itself?

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