Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good News

And about time, huh?
It turns out that I had two messages on the patient info network and I thought both were my pre-op results but one of them was actually from a couple of weeks ago. My lvier enzymes were elevated; they are down to normal now. I was polycythemic; I'm not now.
I really did have an A1c of 7.2%, although my two week average is currently 130, with a 7 day of 126, and a 30 day of 144. I don't know where the 7.2% comes from.
I really do have a TSH of 0.2, but my doctor says that the T3 and T4 are not quite over the top of normal, so I am cleared for surgery. He says he wants to meet with me a week or two after surgery to discuss my treatment options, which I assume means we'll be treating it.
My TSH, he says, hadn't been tested since January 2007, more than two years ago, when it was 0.56, which is in the normal range but already kind of low.

TSH, by the way, stands for thyroid stimulating hormone. When the thyroid is already making too much hormone, the TSH tends to go down, and in hypothyroidism, when the thyroid is spluttering and inefficient, the TSH tends to get high. The normal range at the lab is 0.4-4.5.

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