Thursday, April 02, 2009


I can't even remember the name of what I have for very long. Anyways, my gallbladder has a bunch of stones in it (probably it had a bigger one that was hurting and I'm in less pain because the big one is now in pieces). Also my gallbladder is inflamed and at risk for infection. My endo wants me to have it removed. He isn't sure about how urgent it is. I have a Monday morning appointment to talk to the surgeon that the endo recommended. I hope the surgeon will let me direct my diabetes care, is comfortable with queer people, is familiar with adrenal hyperplasia, and is great with gallbladder removal. Any comments from diabetics whose gallbladders have been removed on what that does to diabetes would be appreciated.
My blood sugar currently is vaccillating wildly. I don't think it's been this bad in over two years. I hit the 30s and the 290s today, and it wasn't even a rebound or correction- the 34 was in the mid afternoon, when I maybe had a little bit of lunch novolog on board, and the 290 was in the evening out of nowhere.

Lee sent me three multiclix and some drums. After using the softclix for a month, I am very grateful for the multiclix. I keep expecting the sharp stab of the softclix and in comparison the multiclix does not hurt at all. I keep not even feeling the prick. I love the multiclix! Thank you, Lee.

Some crazy stuff is happening with insurance re:CGMS coverage. The rep still thinks that I'll be able to get coverage within a month, but I may need to wear an iPRO to prove that my blood sugar does indeed fluctuate. If I do, Medtronic will pay for the one time use of the iPRO, since my doctor doesn't use an iPRO. My rep is hoping that as a pre-existing Guardian user, I won't have to wear an iPRO. After speaking to my rep, I read a rumor that only people 25 and over will be covered. Aaeee! I'm 20. I think the rep knows that, but maybe he doesn't.

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Lili said...

I would DEFINITELY have it out, and not just because of what I'm going to say. My housemate (also Type 1) was diagnosed with "acute cholecystitis" at the ER. They told him he'd need to have it out eventually and didn't convey any sense of urgency. Two months later, he had another attack and went to the ER again. That time he was scheduled for surgery to have it out. He doesn't have any diabetes complications and has good control normally. He had highs from the pain and inflammation, but ydmv as always. They ended up admitting him to wait for the surgery, which got put off for another two days. They seemed to be in no rush, and he only described his pain as 3/10 at the worst. Well, when he had the surgery, the surgeon came out of the OR all angry, and told us they revised the diagnosis to gangrenous cholecystitis. He also said that diabetics "shouldn't mess around" with cholecystitis and shouldn't wait to have their gallbladder out. He was pretty angry at the ER for making it sound less urgent.

Before the surgery, my housemate reduced his basal to 50% 8 hours before and was a little high before the surgery because he got no instructions beforehand, so he had to go off the standard one. They let him keep the pump on. Turned out the surgeon would have liked him to be a little lower (although most don't) but it was too late for that. He did okay after the surgery, though, and got his bg down again.

Oh, and chag sameach.