Wednesday, April 08, 2009

10 Things About Jonah

1. Jonah sees life as alternately a puzzle and an adventure. Sometimes both.

2. Jonah likes everybody. Yes, really.

3. Jonah cries every day. Usually for less than a minute.

4. Jonah prefers to sleep sitting up.

5. Jonah will be having his very first surgery on April 22- a colocystectomy. He is trying to see this as an adventure.

6. Jonah is the firstborn son of a firstborn son, so he always attends a siyum with his father on the day before passover. Which is today.

7. Jonah likes to sort things.

8. Jonah is ticklish. Don't tickle him though, because he will hit you if you try it.

9. Jonah likes to read, and keeps lots of lists of books. Sometimes he reads books because one of his lists is missing a book by an author whose name starts with X, or that is catalouged under SK in the library of congress, or some other silly reason.

10. Jonah's least favorite key on the keyboard is the one that says "Ins" because he keeps pressing it by accident.

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